What is Gary Neville's net worth & how much does the former Man Utd star earn? | Sporting News Canada (2024)

Gary Neville was a stalwart of the Manchester United team that dominated English football in the 1990s into the 2000s under the careful guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Part of the famous Class of '92, Neville went on to captain the Red Devils, while also representing England on a number of occasions at the World Cup and European Championship.

Following his retirement, Neville hasforged a name for himself as an outspoken television pundit, but he has also tried his hand at coaching and runs a number of businesses.

So just how much is the Manchester United legend worth? Goal takes a look at that and more.

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What is Gary Neville's net worth?

Net worth: $25 million (£18m)
Source of wealth: Football contracts, endorsem*nt deals, investments
Date of Birth: February 18, 1975
Country of birth: England

Neville'snet worth was estimated at$25 million (£18m) in 2021, according to the website Celebrity Net Worth.

So what is the source of his wealth? As well as earning millions during atwo-decade-long career as a professional footballer at Manchester United, Neville continues to make money as a TV punditand also has a number of business interests outside of football.

Neville remained directly involved with football following his retirement as a player in 2011 by moving into coaching and worked as an assistant coach with the England national team. His sole experience as a manager came in 2015-16 when he managed La Liga side Valencia.

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What is Gary Neville's net worth & how much does the former Man Utd star earn? | Sporting News Canada (1)

How much does Gary Neville earn?

While Neville no longer earns a footballer's salary, he continues to earn money through his punditry work and through his various business interests, which include property development.

As a player, Neville was reported to be one of the best earners at Manchester United, penning a six-year contract worth £11 million ($15m)- per the BBC - in 2001. A weekly wage of £32,000 reportedly doubled to over £60,000 towards the end of his time at the club.

As for his punditry pay packet, the Daily Express reports that Neville earns over £1 million ($1.4m)a year for his work with Sky Sports, which includes contributing analysis and commentary.

Along with his TV work, Neville is a regular on the public speaking circuit and has been a star attraction at 'in conversation' events with the likes of Roy Keane. He has also written newspaper columns for the likes of the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph.

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What businesses does Gary Neville have?

Neville operates a number of businesses and established 'Relentless' in 2015 as the main brand vehiclefor his investments.

He has invested in property development since his time as a player, with Hotel Football at Old Trafford and the St Michael's projectamong some of his ventures. Zerum is a property and construction consultancy business, while E3 Creative is a digital creative agency under the remit of Relentless.

Of course, one of the highest profile businesses Neville is a part of is the football club Salford City, which he, his brother PhilNeville, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt own through Project 92. He has also been involved with UA92(University Academy 92), an educational institute associated with the University of Lancashire.

Many of Neville's forays into different industries have been collaborative ventures with other members of the Class of '92.

On the about page of Neville's business, he explains:"'Relentless'is my favourite word and sums up my approach to life, business, everything really.The businesses are all different, with their own ways of doing things, their own cultures, visions and values, but Relentless is there within the fabric of each.”

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What is Gary Neville's net worth & how much does the former Man Utd star earn? | Sporting News Canada (2)

What charity work does Gary Neville do?

Neville is a patron of the educational charity the Shine Trust, along with David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson.

At the beginningof the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Neville offered free accommodation at Hotel Football to NHS workers.

The former defender made a donation to Northern Premier League side Brighouse Town in 2020 as the club sought aid in their bid for financial survival.

He has also taken a keen interest in social issues such as homelessness and in 2017 accommodated a number of squatters for a period of five months in a building that was earmarked for development as a hotel.

"They don’t want to be like this. They’re stuck," Neville was quoted saying by the Guardian."It’s a complex issue. It’s not just a case of finding somebody a home.

"What we found over that five months was a deeper understanding of the issues. Sometimes they want mentoring, sometimes they want cuddling. They want a kick up the backside sometimes.”

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What trophies has Gary Neville won?

CompetitionNo. of titlesYears won
Premier League81995-96, 1996-97, 1998-99, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2002-03, 2006-07, 2008-09
FA Cup31995-96, 1998-99, 2003-04
Community Shield31996, 1997, 2008
League Cup22005-06, 2009-10
Champions League21998-99, 2007-08
Intercontinental Cup11999
Club World Cup12008

Neville's achievements as a player include eight Premier League titles and two Champions Leagues with Manchester United.

Among the other trophies lifted by the former defender are the FA Cup (three-times winner), the League Cup (two-time winner), the Intercontinental Cup and the Club World Cup.

He was named in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year on five different occasions.

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How many social media followers does Gary Neville have?

Neville had a total of 5.7 million followers across his social media pages in 2021. Of those, 4.5 million followers were on Twitter, while 1.2 million were on Instagram.

Twitter is a favoured platform for the former Manchester United captain, who regularly tweets his opinions on events,such as the controversial Super League plans, for example.

Hi @Carra23 😂 pic.twitter.com/DYxPnsnrBA

— Gary Neville (@GNev2) October 17, 2020

He has also engaged in playful exchanges with Liverpool fans, his colleagues and former team-mates, including fellow Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher.

As a regular user of Twitter in particular, Neville has been critical of footballers for using social media management agencies.

In 2021, after a controversial post sent by Phil Foden's account to Kylian Mbappe's was deleted, he warned that they risked appearing detached.

"Lads, run your own accounts!" Neville wrote on Twitter."Your independent thought and authenticity is at stake. It’s your voice, not anyone else’s."

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What is Gary Neville's net worth & how much does the former Man Utd star earn? | Sporting News Canada (2024)
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