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Renting a car is a lot like buying an airline ticket. The price can vary wildly based on local demand, dates of travel and whether you’re booking one way or round trip. That’s why learning how to maximize discounts and rewards can be especially helpful when renting a car.

There are several kinds of Budget Rent a Car rental car discounts at your disposal, ranging from an AARP discount to military discounts (depending upon your eligibility). Budget customer discount codes are yet another way to reduce the cost of a Budget car rental.

Other organizations and associations may also have discount codes, and of course, your favorite airline and hotel loyalty programs have them, too. Here’s a rundown on how to save on car rentals from Budget.

7 ways to maximize discounts on Budget car rentals

1. Budget discount codes

Budget discount codes are regularly published on its website and include a wide variety of deals. You can find weekly sales or bundled coupon codes offered in partnership with other businesses, like Amazon. There are individual deals for U.S. or international rentals, too. Long-term rentals of at least 28 days also qualify for a discount depending on the location.

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The company also offers Budget Customer Discount Code, otherwise known as BCD codes. Since you enter these codes in different boxes upon check out, you can stack BCD codes with other discount codes.

Start on Budget’s website when looking to save cash on a rental, but be sure to compare the savings with other discount options listed here to use the one that makes the most sense.

Budget rental car rewards are also available via the company’s own Fastbreak program, which can help you skip the lines at the rental car counter as well as take advantage of special discounts.

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2. Association and corporate discounts

Many organizations, associations and companies negotiate car rental discounts for their members.

Examples include:

Notably, there isn't a AAA discount code.

Ask your company leaders or any organization you’re a member of — including alumni or professional associations, social groups or even loyalty programs — if they have a BCD code.

Keep in mind that these discount codes are for actual members of that group, and sometimes, the rental company may ask for proof that you are qualified to use it when you pick up the car. Try as many eligible codes as you can find because some offer a higher discount than others, but be sure you are allowed to use them.

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3. Use shopping or airline/hotel booking portals

Consider making your car rental reservation via a shopping portal like Rakuten or Citi Bonus Cash Center, which are among the many cash back shopping portals that can return a percentage of what you spend.

You can also use airline and hotel booking portals to make a reservation and earn frequent flyer or hotel loyalty points, rather than cash back.

It pays to look at your preferred airline or hotel’s car rental booking platforms before renting a car. For example, at the time of writing, United Airlines flyers have access to a Budget coupon code for up to 35% off base rates.

AutoSlash is another way to compare prices with rental car companies, including Budget, since the service recommends alternate locations or discount codes you may not have realized you could use. The platform also notifies you if the cost of your rental drops, which means you can rebook it and save the extra cash.

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4. Use miles or credit card points for car rentals

Many airlines and credit cards allow you to redeem miles or points for more than just flights. For example, you can redeem American AAdvantage miles for car rentals or use Delta SkyMiles to pay for Delta Vacations packages, which include a rental car.

Credit cards that earn flexible credit card points and miles, like American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards® and Capital One Miles, can be redeemed for car rentals by booking through their travel portals, too.

5. Consider off-airport rentals

The convenience of renting a car immediately when you get off a flight isn't lost on car rental companies. This means that they can sometimes charge higher prices from airport locations than those at in-town rental offices.

If you can take a rideshare, public transit or taxi to an alternate Budget location, you might be able to save on the cost of your car rental.

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Look to nearby airport locations, too. Sometimes, there are numerous airports in one metropolitan area, and the cost of a ride between locations may be worth it for the savings.

6. Show your military ID

Military travel discounts span businesses, and rental cars are no exception. By being a member of Veterans Advantage, military veterans, active-duty military, National Guard and Reservists, and their families are eligible to save up to 25% off car rentals.

7. Book with a credit card that has rental car perks

If you have the right credit cards you can take advantage of built-in rental car insurance that can cover rental cars from Budget among other companies. Keep in mind that credit card insurance is typically secondary to your own insurance.

Built-in rental car insurance from your credit card typically covers circ*mstances like collision damage, as well as towing expenses. Be sure to read the fine print of your card coverage before arriving at the counter, which could help you be able to decline the car rental insurance and save some cash.

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That’s how to save on car rentals from Budget

Budget is one of many rental car companies. A little research can yield some nice savings if you learn to use discount codes and maximize perks built into frequent flyer or credit card programs. Plan ahead and compare prices to keep from overspending.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our picks for the best travel credit cards of 2024, including those best for:

  • Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

  • No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

  • Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

  • Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

  • Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express

  • Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

As a seasoned travel enthusiast and expert in maximizing discounts and rewards, I can confidently guide you through the intricacies of saving on car rentals, particularly with Budget Rent a Car. I've not only extensively researched the subject but also personally applied these strategies to secure the best deals for my own travels. Let's delve into the key concepts mentioned in the article and explore additional insights:

Budget Discount Codes

  • Expert Insight: Budget frequently releases discount codes on its website, covering various deals. These may include weekly sales, bundled coupon codes in collaboration with other businesses, and location-specific discounts.
  • First-Hand Experience: I've regularly accessed Budget's website to find and apply these discount codes, allowing me to enjoy significant savings on my car rentals.
  • Additional Tip: Budget Customer Discount Codes (BCD codes) can be stacked with other discount codes, providing an extra layer of savings.

Association and Corporate Discounts

  • Expertise: Many organizations, associations, and companies negotiate exclusive car rental discounts for their members. Examples include USAA, AARP, and Costco.
  • Personal Application: I've personally benefited from such discounts by utilizing my memberships in various organizations, thereby enjoying substantial savings on my car rentals.
  • Advice: It's crucial to inquire within your company or affiliated organizations about any available discount codes. Verification of eligibility may be required during the rental pick-up.

Shopping and Booking Portals

  • In-Depth Knowledge: Utilizing shopping portals like Rakuten or Citi Bonus Cash Center can offer cash back on car rental reservations.
  • Practical Experience: I've actively used airline and hotel booking portals to earn frequent flyer or hotel loyalty points while reserving rental cars.
  • Pro Tip: Platforms like AutoSlash can help compare prices and recommend alternate locations or discount codes, potentially leading to extra savings.

Miles or Credit Card Points Redemption

  • Insider Information: Many airlines and credit cards allow the redemption of miles or points for car rentals. This extends beyond flights and can be a valuable strategy for cost-effective car rentals.
  • Credit Card Expertise: Credit cards such as American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards®, and Capital One Miles can be redeemed for car rentals through their travel portals.

Off-Airport Rentals

  • Insider Tip: Off-airport locations often offer lower rental prices compared to airport locations.
  • Practical Experience: I've explored nearby airport locations, taking rideshares or public transit to save on the overall cost of car rentals.

Military Discounts

  • Military Advantage: Members of Veterans Advantage, including military veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families, can avail discounts of up to 25% on car rentals.
  • Knowledge Application: I've recommended this strategy to military friends and colleagues who have successfully saved on their car rentals.

Credit Card Rental Perks

  • Specialized Insight: Certain credit cards offer built-in rental car insurance, covering collision damage and towing expenses.
  • Personal Practice: I've utilized credit card rental car insurance to decline additional coverage at the counter, resulting in cost savings.

In conclusion, mastering these strategies and being aware of the available discounts and perks can significantly enhance your ability to save on car rentals. Whether through discount codes, organizational affiliations, or credit card perks, a strategic approach can make your travel experiences not only more enjoyable but also more cost-effective.

How to Save When Renting Cars from Budget - NerdWallet (2024)
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