Conor Quinn vs Conner Kelsall RECAP as Belfast boxer suffers defeat at SSE Arena (2024)

The SSE Arena in Belfast hosts a huge night of boxing action on Friday, with a bumper 12 bouts scheduled.

There's a number of Irish fighters in action over the course of the evening including Belfast's Conor Quinn, Colm Murphy and James McGivern.. The first bout commenced at 4.45pm, with TNT Sports broadcasting the action live from 7pm.

Here's a full list of tonight's fight:

The vacant Commonwealth Flyweight Championship
Conor Quinn - 111.5lbs
Conner Kelsall – 111.4lbs

The WBC International Super-Lightweight Championship
Pierce O’Leary – 139.8lbs
Darragh Foley – 139.8lbs

The BUI Celtic Lightweight Championship
James McGivern – 134.4lbs
Rashid Omar – 135lbs

The vacant Commonwealth Silver Featherweight Championship
Colm Murphy - 125.2lbs
Jack Turner – 125.2lbs

8x3 Minutes Rounds International Super-Featherweight Contest
Jadier Herrera – 134lbs
Andreas Navarete – 133.7lbs

6x3 Minute Rounds International Lightweight Contest
Steven Cairns – 136lbs
Jonatas De Oliviera – 136lbs

6x3 Minute Rounds International Bantamweight Contest
Jack D Turner – 119.3lbs
Gerson Larios – To weight in later

6x3 Minute Rounds International Welterweight Contest
Nelson Birchall 129.9lbs
Kevin Trana 130.7lbs

4x3 Minute Rounds International Middleweight Contest
Eoghan Lavin – 160lbs
Artjom Spatar – 161.6lbs

6x2 Minute Welterweight Contest
Nicola Barke – 142.8lbs
Kerry Hayley – 144.8lbs

4x3 Minute Rounds International Super-Welterweight Contest
Walter Fury – 159.8lbs
Vasif Mamedov – 162.5lbs

4x3 Minute Rounds International Middleweight Contest
Joe Cooper -158.5lbs
John Henry Mosquiera – 157.6lbs

We will bring you live updates from the show, so stick with us.


Conner Kelsall gets the verdict by majority decision!

One judge score it a 114-114 draw, while the other judges scored it 115-114 and 116-112 in favour of Kelsall.

Eamon Doggett

It goes to the scorecards!

A farcical ending to the fight as both fighters start celebrating early and don't engage for about 15 seconds before the final bell.

Eamon Doggett

Round 11 - Quinn v Kelsall

Last round coming up and this is a hard fight to call. It is hard to argue that either fighter have landed many meaningul shots, but you feel that Quinn needs a big last round.

Eamon Doggett

Round 9 - Quinn v Kelsall

Quinn is starting to get more joy as Kelsall's movments start to slow a bit. You have to think though that that the Belfast man has to win the last three rounds to win this contest.

Eamon Doggett

Round 7 - Quinn v Kelsall

This has been a frustrating fight for Quinn as he has struggled to land a serious shot on Kelsall who is a hard man to pin down. The television commentators have Kelsall ahead by four rounds at this point.

Eamon Doggett

Round 5 - Quinn v Kelsall

Kelsall is proving to be an elusive target to Quinn. The Doncaster fighter is always light on his feet and on the move, making him a tough target. Quinn has struggled to find his range, and Kelsall has been able to pick his shots, albeit nothing to hurt Quinn so far.

Eamon Doggett

Round 1 - Quinn v Kelsall

A quiet opening round to this contest. Both fighters finding their range and sizing up their opponents.

Eamon Doggett

The fighters are entering the ring

Nearly ready to go for this main event fight...

Eamon Doggett

Conor Quinn v Conner Kelsall

It's main event time and the vacant Commonwealth Flyweight Championship is up for grabs here as Belfast's Conor Quinn (9-0-1) takes on Doncaster native Conner Kelsall (11-0).

Eamon Doggett

Great respect between the two fighters at the end

Ultimate respect

After a mammoth battle, Pierce O'Leary comes out on top against Darragh Foley. A terrific bout #FightNight | NOW | LIVE on @tntsports and @discoveryplusUK

— Boxing on TNT Sports (@boxingontnt) June 28, 2024


Pierce O'Leary wins by unanimous decision!

Two judges score it 98-91 and the other scores it 99-90, all in favour of Pierce O'Leary. Great sportsmanship shown by Foley at the end as he carried O'Leary around the ring.

Eamon Doggett

O'Leary and Foley goes to the scorecards...

But there will be only one winner: Pierce O'Leary. Foley is the toughest of customers and he showed great heart, but O'Leary is a class operator and put in a great performance in a tough fight.

Eamon Doggett

Round 8 - O'Leary v Foley

Round 8 done and dusted and both fighters have cuts above their eyes. O'Leary continues to throw the eye-catching punches but Foley is having some joy on the inside. Two rounds to go and O'Leary is likely well ahead on the scorecards....

Eamon Doggett

Round 5 - O'Leary v Foley

After five rounds, O'Leary is in control of this fight and looks to have won every round, as well as that early knockdown. He looks the more powerful man, but Foley has never been stopped in his career and will not throw in the towel.

Eamon Doggett

Foley is down in the second round!

O'Leary knocks Foley to the canvas with a brilliant uppercut that is timed to perfection. Foley, to his credit, recovers his composure and sees out the round.

Eamon Doggett

Round 1 - O'Leary v Foley

A cagey opening round initially as the fighters find their distance. O'Leary lands a good right hand and finishes the round the stronger, landing an uppercut and body shot.

Eamon Doggett

Next up: Pierce O'Leary v Darragh Foley

Pierce O'Leary makes the fourth defence of his WBC International Super-Lightweight Championship against Australia-based Blanchardstown native Darragh Foley in the penultimate fight of the night. 'Big Bang' is aiming to do what Jack Catterall couldn't do and stop Foley inside the ten scheduled rounds.


Murphy wins the fight by technical knockout

A brave, brave performance from Turner, but the doctor took it out of his hands in the end by stopping the fight in the final round. Turner suffered two nasty cuts above his eyes due to head clashes that caused a lot of bleeding. In the end the doctor had no choice and perhaps it should have been stopped earlier. Turner is arguing that it should have been gone to the scorecards rather than ruled as a technical knockout, which is what the brave Glasgow man deserved.

Eamon Doggett

Round 8 - Murphy v Turner

We are into the final two rounds now and there have been some bad head clashes in this fight that have resulted in some bad cuts above the eye for Turner. The doctor has been called in to inspect Turner's eye but allowed the fight to continue.

Eamon Doggett

Round 5 - Murphy v Turner

Turner has suffered a cut above the eye due to a clash of heads. Murphy continues to hold the centre of the ring and be the busier of the two fighters, but Turner is picking off some good shots as Murphy seems to be slowing his pace a little.

Eamon Doggett

Round 3 - Murphy v Turner

Murphy has been the aggressor and shown greater workrate so far in this fight. He is throwing a lot of punches, but Turner is having some luck with counterpunches.

Eamon Doggett

Murphy v Turner is under way!

This should be a competitive fight....

Eamon Doggett

Murphy v Turner

Belfast's Colm Murphy is aiming to go 12-0 in this bout for the vacant Commonwealth Silver Featherweight Championship.
He faces Jack Turner, who suffered the first defeat of his professional career when last seen in the ring last September, but the Glasgow man is confident of pulling off a big victory here.

Eamon Doggett

Next: Colm Murphy v Jack Turner

Next up sees the Commonwealth Silver Featherweight Championship on the line as Colm Murphy takes on Jack Turner.

Robert Hynes

Herrera wins by KO in the first round

Jadier Herrera moves to 15-0 as he scores the 13th knockout win of his career.

It comes in the first round, with just 19 seconds left on the clock.

Another impressive performance from the 21-year-old.

Robert Hynes

Herrera v Navarrete

14-0 Cuban Jadier Herrera has landed knockouts in 12 of his bouts to date and another stoppage is expected here against Colombia's Andres Navarrete (11-1).

Robert Hynes

Cooper wins

Joe Cooper wins on his professional debut as the referee scores the bout 40-36 in his favour.

Robert Hynes

Cooper v Mosquiera

Middleweight contest coming up next as Joe Cooper faces John Henry Mosquiera. It's scheduled for four rounds.

Robert Hynes

That body shot from Cairns


"A body shot like that will stop many opponents"#FightNight | NOW | LIVE on @tntsports and @discoveryplusUK

— Boxing on TNT Sports (@boxingontnt) June 28, 2024

Robert Hynes

First round KO for Cairns

What a statement for the Cork man as he gets the knockout in the first round with a savage body shot.

His opponent was not getting up from that and the Dave Coldwell-trained lightweight moves to 8-0.

Conor Quinn vs Conner Kelsall RECAP as Belfast boxer suffers defeat at SSE Arena (2024)
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