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Today’s Posting is featuring one of the members of our Forum, Ms. Margo Paige. She is a Female Supremacist, and an avid believer in the emasculation of men and boys, thus making them useful components of the Female Led World that is coming! She is known on Pinterest as “Madam Paige”, and this is the summary of her Page,

“As a firm believer in female superiority, I find extreme pleasure in feminizing cute boys into delightful, fashionable and very submissive sissies.”

Some may believe that this is all “Fantasy’, but it is up to the reader to determine. The point is though, this is what Dominant Women of today are envisioning. The World is indeed changing, and many Women are realizing that the feminized male is the “Perfect Spouse”. As Women become more Successful and Assertive, they do not want a macho man telling them that men are the “Dominant” gender, Women want that Dominance to lie within themselves, and have cute males as their partners and “helpers”!

So on with the Questions!!

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When did you embrace the concept of feminizing men and turning them into sissies?

Since my teenage years I’ve long embraced the belief that women are superior to men. We’re smarter. We’re much more refined when it comes to culture and the arts. We eat healthier. We understand the need to be fashionably dressed. We’re emotionally tougher. We make wiser decisions. We’re very astute when it comes to business.

I guess you could say I’m bisexual, but my heterosexual side told me that I still wanted the companionship and obedient love of a submissive sissy. Over the years I’ve had many relationships with men, but there just wasn’t something satisfying about them. They assumed they were going to be the boss, the Alpha, but that was contradictory to my mindset. A mindset that told me that I am the strong one, the leader –the kind of thinking that more and more women are taking and putting into effect.

The other thing that powered my emasculating thoughts is the turnoff of those hairy bodies, macho egos and drab male clothing. Yuck. I craved a soft, tender male I could totally control, dominate, love and turn into my perfect companion, and perhaps even my spouse. Let me start by saying the cutie I would be looking for would be a spouse that would be, not only totally under my control, but be soft and slender and effeminately- attired in female clothing.

The sissy I envision would not be a drag queen wearing outrageous makeup and clothing. Not a transvestite wearing gaudy dresses and heels trying to pass as a woman. Not a transsexual looking to change his sex. But a sissy, an effeminate submissive male who would wear nothing but women’s slacks, dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, undergarments, hosiery and shoes. A sissy who would be totally hairless from his eye lashes down. A sissy who would beautify his skin and wear light makeup to enhance his feminine persona. A sissy who would be shorter than me and always have to look up at me towering above him in my heels.

Like the wives men desired in the 50s and 60s, my sissy misster would be a trophy cutie on my arm for date nights and at social events. At home, while I was at work making the money, he would need to be sure everything is tidy and clean. Prepare meals. Do laundry. Go shopping. Attend to my wardrobe. Be a very welcoming hostess to my guests. And always cater to my sexual desires. Do I want a sissy boy, an effeminate little thing that I’d have dress in women’s jumpsuits, slacks, pants suits and an occasional skirt? Or a sissy girl, an extra feminine cutie who’d always mince around clad in nothing but dresses and skirts? Either would suit my desires. I might even take both under my control. Hmmm. Now that would be a dream to have both a sissy boy and sissy girl attending to all my needs!

I can imagine one day proudly hearing my sissy say this to another New Age Woman:

“I am so grateful to Ms. Paige, my Mommy. She taught me how to enjoy and love the humiliation, the feminization and emasculation. I’ve developed into her devoted sissy. She doesn’t just own me; she has total control over my life and emasculation destiny. I love her too much to ever disobey or disrespect her in any way. Women know what’s best, and Ms. Paige knows what’s best for me, and I love her for that!”

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Have you always been a Strong, Assertive Woman?

I learned early from my mother that women should never take a back seat to males. She was a powerful attorney. I mean MEAN. She hardly ever lost a case. She was always in command. I loved my daddy, but mom was truly the head of our household and the ultimate decision-maker. She inspired me so much. She showed and taught me that women could do anything we want. So I knew from early on, that one day I was also going to be a commanding bitch boss at work like my mother, and then go home and be the strong loving head of my household that flowed with femininity. But my spouse would not just be an obedient husband, but be my effeminately dressed sissy wife. He was going to be my sissy showcase – the type of pretty spouse that would shout to the world that males are definitely inferior to females, and as such need to dress in effeminate attire befitting their submissive stature in the New Age Lifestyle.

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Tell me about your business. Are all your managers female, and if you had male employees, what positions would they hold?

I am the CEO of Paige Fashion, a conglomerate of media, design, retail operations and video and photo production studios dealing with the fashion industry. Originally, we focused our operations on just female fashion. As such, females held all management positions and they mainly had females working under their supervision. For the New Age Lifestyle, males to be employed by us will mainly be receptionists, secretaries, executive assistants, wardrobe assistants and hair/makeup stylists. To showcase our belief in female superiority, the sissies we will hire will have to be well dressed, well mannered and very effeminate.

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How many sissies would you employ, and what would their dress code be?

To fill our needs I would imagine having a sissy receptionist, 8 sissy secretaries/errand girls, three executive assistant sissy secretaries, one sissy dressing room attendant and two sissy hair and makeup stylists. To help us fill future needs, I also imagine hiring a variety of sissy interns for various positions. And while casual attire may be becoming more normal in the workplace, especially for us women, casual attire will not something our sissy employees will be allowed to wear in the office area. Dresses, skirts and skirt suits will be mandatory, and they will need to be a conservative in color, such as black, navy, gray or brown. If wearing a blouse, we recommend white, cream, light blue, pink…whatever best presents a soft feminine look. Blouses with Peter Pan collars or puss* bows are very acceptable. Nylon hosiery is a must. So are closed-toe heels, no sandals! Nails must be well manicured and painted with beige-tone or light pink polish. Jewelry should also be conservative – for example, pearl studs instead of dangling earrings. Finally, our sissies hair should be well groomed and worn in a conservative cut, such as a bob, a pixie cut or soft layered. Sissies working in the photo and video studios may be allowed to dress a little more casual, but they’ll only be allowed to wear skirts or dresses. No pants for these pansies until they’re off work.

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How are you influencing other Female Supremacists and Feminists in accelerating male emasculation and female control?

For starters, my sissy spouse will be an absolute showcase model of what feminization can bring to women. He’ll be kept sissy slim. His hair is well coifed with a blonde tint for his pixie cut. (I prefer short a women’s hairstyle because, after all, I want people to realize that my spouse is a sissy.) His skin will be hairless, soft and pretty as body moisturizers and facial creams will be a mandatory daily requirement. He will always wear light makeup and lipstick. He will always be femininely dressed in very stylish clothing and shoes. He will present an adorable image to all the ladies I introduce him to. But more than that, his manners, politeness and obedience will be just the things Female Supremacists and Feminists want from the lesser sex. So having a cute, obedient sissy on my arm will be one way I influence other feminists. The other way will be our new My Paige Boy line of sissy fashions that we’ll promote in various ways including advertising, public relations, social media, sissy fashion shows and appearances on female talk shows. Our sissy models will be extremely pretty boys chosen to set women’s hearts afire with emasculation possibilities for their own sissies.

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Are all the Managers at Paige Fashion Female Supremacists? Do they have sissies as husbands, boyfriends and sons? What is your vision for males in the future?

Absolutely. All managers at Paige Fashion are Female Supremacists. Running a successful business requires teamwork. And at Paige Fashion that means strong-minded women, female supremacists who envision and work toward the same female superiority goals of the New Age Lifestyle. As such, unless managers are lesbians (which is perfectly acceptable), the males in their lives would be emasculated sissies, from effeminate spouses to girly boyfriends to cutely dressed and timid sissy sons. With my vision, the New Age Lifestyle for all males will be femininity for fashion with lady-like manners and respectful obedience always shown toward all women.

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What are your thoughts on womanless pageants in school?

One day if our males progress enough in their femininity development, beauty and style of dress, a sissy beauty pageant might be delightful. Better yet, instead of a female prom queen, students would elect a sissy prom queen. Imagine how delightful it would be to see a petite, cute sissy boy in his prom dress dancing with his tall high school girlfriend dressed in a tux. That is so New Age!

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What are you thoughts on encouraging Female Sports Teams while simultaneously coordinating a movement to abolish all male competitive sports? If so, as a company, would you sponsor any female teams?

I’ve always supported women’s sports. The athletic abilities shown by females, and the dramatic victories we’ve seen them accomplish have been awe-inspiring to so many females growing up. And now as we enter the New Age Lifestyle, we’ll be seeing a huge increase in the number of females playing sports. More importantly, we’ll be seeing huge increase in the popularity of woman’s sports with events sold out and TV ratings skyrocketing. Why? Because female fans will be buying the tickets and in control of the TV. We will watch what we want, and control what our sissies can and cannot watch on TV or their e-device. Plus, men’s sports will gradually go away because mothers will no longer be allowing their sons to play sports. Instead, their boys will be enrolled in ballet schools for feminine exercise and competition – competition to see who will be chosen to dance and star in the next big Sissy Ballet Performance.

As to sponsorship, I’m sure we’ll find a way to advertise our women’s fashion items on broadcasts of female events. And I’m sure we’ll find a way to promote our My Paige Boy line of sissy fashions by sponsoring Sissy Ballet Performances at theaters across the land.

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Emasculating Exciting!

April 2021 – The New Age Lifestyle (18)

Contrasting the Female Athletes with the Sissies!

April 2021 – The New Age Lifestyle (19)

So Sissy Sweet!

April 2021 – The New Age Lifestyle (20)

Osos Rivas Football Team – Women’s Football Team!

Seeing as that women had very few rights for centuries, what are your thoughts on taking away voting and property ownership rights from males?

These are legal matters that need to be determined and voted on by the females we will be electing into office. However, I would imagine that even without new legislation, males won’t have a say on who gets elected, because our submissive obedient males, if allowed to vote, will vote for whomever we tell them to. Property rights is another matter, but of little concern. The real estate market will be totally controlled by women. And when buying property, even if a woman is married, she need only put her name on the deed. Meaning the only way a sissy could obtain the property would be if his wife died and left him the property in her will because she loved her sissy spouse very much.

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In order to maintain order in society, what is your vision for future military and police force needs?

Minimal. Women will be running all the nations in the world, not selfish, power-hungry and violent males of past ages. We know when to take and when to give. We know how get along with our neighbors. So global conflicts won’t be happening which will be a true reflection of a gentler, more humane New Age Lifestyle. If any military needs arise, I’m sure our female troops can handle those needs. Same goes for the needs of police forces. Males will be brought up as effeminate, well-behaved and polite sissies. Violence and crime will never be a part of their psyche. Sure there will still will be crimes, speeding tickets to issue, accidents to investigate – all things that can be handled by minimized squads of female officers. The world will be much more peaceful and loving!

April 2021 – The New Age Lifestyle (22)

One final question: How would you develop a trophy sissy spouse for entering the New Age Lifestyle?

First of all you have to find the right boy. If I was in my 30’s, I’d look for a cutie anywhere from 18- to early 20s in age. He’d be nice and slim and shorter than me (it’s important to have a sissy always look up to you!). To prevent any resistance from my lucky boy, his transformation would be gradual getting him more and more comfortable with every step up in his femininity development. To keep this short, I’ll just tell you how I’d work on his appearance:

Silky pajamas provide a great start. Since they have pants, he’ll accept wearing them and gradually get to love the feel. Next, surprise him and throw out all his underwear and replace them with silky panties.

Outerwear starts next. Women’s slacks, blouses, sweaters with a unisex look, but all have female brand labels. Side zipper pants are preferable. With no or very small pockets on his pants, a purse will be a needed accessory for him. At this stage women’s loafers become standard footwear and nylons become everyday hosiery.

Then its time bring out even more sissy in his looks. Pants now are cut ankle high to display his nylon-covered legs visible above his cute women’s flats. Blouses get a little silkier and lacier. Dress him like this on the day you take him to your beauty salon for a full body wax followed by a styling of his hair into a pixie cut with a slight blonde tint. Make sure you have him apply some light lipstick before you leave the salon. Skin moistures and facial creams will be used every day.

Now we push the accelerator. Ballet flats with cute bows on the toes and kitten heels become worn more and more with very feminine-looking slacks and shorts. puss*-bow blouses find their way into sissy’s wardrobe, as do other lovely, silky and lacey tops. Eye makeup and lipstick are expected to be applied, and nails to be polished. He’ll have several purses and handbags to go with his outfits. Now’s the time to put him in a kilt-like skirt suit with black tights or nylons encased in raised-heel pumps.

It’s up to you now on whether you want to keep dressing him like this as your sissy boy spouse, or make dresses and skirts a part of his everyday wardrobe as your sissy girl spouse. Either way, you’ll have a trophy sissy on your arm and in your bed for total New Age Lifestyle pleasure.

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I really LOVE this Vision from Ms. Paige! This is indeed the New Age Lifestyle. Effeminate males, totally emasculated, but nevertheless, males! As Women continue to be Empowered, this will be how Society stays “balanced”. I think she has a Fantastic Vision for the future of Womankind!

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception last April. We are now up to 127 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!


April 2021 – The New Age Lifestyle (2024)
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