2022 Budget Truck Rental Review (2024)

Prepare to kick off your DIY move by hiring an affordable, reliable moving truck. There are many steps that go into your move. Learn more about Budget® Truck Rental’s services and the pros and cons of choosing Budget with this guide.

Budget Truck Overview

Budget Truck Rental is a highly rated national chain with locations in the continental United States. They’re owned by Avis Budget Group and offer an extensive fleet of truck rentals and shipping materials, like dollies, boxes, and furniture pads.

You can rent a truck for a local move or head across the nation for a long-distance relocation. Budget offers a mobile app that allows you to manage reservations, check out locations, review truck sizes, and schedule same-day pick-ups.

Keep in mind that the company doesn’t offer storage containers or self-storage facilities, so if you need these services you'll want to consider other moving companies.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Budget Truck Rental has an overall positive score in many customer reviews. The few complaints include limited truck size options and some issues speaking with customer service agents about the rental process. This left some customers frustrated and unsure of how to handle a maintenance situation with a rental vehicle.

Many customers were pleased with the affordable rates, clean trucks, transparent policies, and convenient in-app reservation scheduling. Budget offers competitive rates whether you’re preparing for a local or long-distance move. Overall, customers feel the fleet is well maintained, and customers typically have fewer issues with overbooked reservations with Budget when compared to other truck rental companies.

Budget Truck Pros and Cons

Like other major rental companies, Budget excels in some aspects that make it a competitive option for truck rentals while it could use improvement in others. Consider whether the pros outweigh the cons for your next DIY move before connecting with experienced moving labor with MovingLabor.com.


Choose Budget Truck Rental and prepare for convenient, reliable truck rentals near you. Here are some positive features of this national company:

  • Convenient locations: Budget has over 1,600 locations around the United States. There are locations in all 48 continental states where you can pick up and drop off rented vehicles.
  • Reliable trucks: Thanks to a 10-point inspection and regularly updated vehicle inventory, Budget offers reliable vehicles for your drive. You can also call their 24/7 roadside assistance number for support in the event of an accident or other situation.
  • App support: The Budget mobile app makes it easy to find your nearest location, schedule a pick-up, and review your existing reservation.
  • Discounts: Budget Truck Rental offers discounts for veterans, students, AARP members, and other customers.
  • Low rates for local moves: Compared to other leading truck rental companies, Budget offers competitive local rates thanks to low mileage costs.
  • Unlimited mileage for one-way rentals: Reserve a Budget truck for a long-distance move and enjoy unlimited mileage. Simply drop off the rental truck at the scheduled drop-off location before the end of your reservation.


Consider these cons as you compare Budget with other truck rental companies:

  • Limited truck sizes: There are four different moving truck sizes available (see our size chart below), up to a 26-foot truck. Other truck rental companies offer more truck sizes, including tow-behind utility and cargo trailers.
  • No reservation guarantees: With some companies, you might schedule a pick-up online only to find your truck isn’t available at your preferred pick-up spot. Almost no truck rental company offers guaranteed reservations, but Budget customers rarely have a problem with oversold reservations as other competitors do, such as U-Haul.
  • Customer support: One frequent customer complaint is the quality of customer service. Some customers have struggled to communicate vehicle difficulties, cancel reservations, or discuss issues with reservations.
  • Fewer locations: While Budget boasts 1,600 locations, this is less than other moving companies like U-Haul®.

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Budget Moving Truck Sizes

There are currently four different moving truck rentals you can choose from with Budget. Here are the sizes and basic features of each:

Cargo Van

A two-seat cargo van can accommodate up to 3,400 pounds, including up to 40 medium boxes and two medium furniture items. Van rentals are recommended for a one-room or studio home, not for larger homes or moving a king-sized bed.

Small Truck

Choose the 12-foot Budget rental truck for a one- or two-room home. It can hold 3,610 pounds, which means up to five medium pieces of furniture or up to 120 boxes. There are only two seats in the front, and towing isn’t recommended with this truck.

Medium Truck

Consider this 16-foot moving truck for up to 250 medium boxes totaling up to 4,460 pounds. It’s ideal for a one-bedroom home and can accommodate up to 10 medium pieces of furniture. It features two seats, a loading ramp, and towing capabilities to tow trailers or car carriers.

Large Truck

The largest vehicle in the Budget line is a 26-foot truck capable of handling a five- to eight-room home. Pack up a two- or three-bedroom home in up to 500 boxes in this spacious vehicle. It’s capable of hauling up to 10,000 pounds and can tow a trailer. Use the loading ramp to transport up to 15 medium furniture items. It’s the only Budget Truck Rental vehicle with three seats available.

And here's a breakdown chart with more specs about each of the truck sizes mentioned above:

Size Inside Dimensions Capacity Volume Fuel Economy
Cargo Van 11' x 4'5" x 6' 1 Room, Small Studio Apt, Dorm Room 357 cu. ft 8-14 MPG
12' 10' x 6'3" x 6' 1 Bedroom Apt 380 cu. ft. 8-14 MPG
16' 16' x 6'3" x 6'7" 1-2 Bedroom Home, 2 Bedroom Apt 658 cu. ft. 6-10 MPG
26' 26' x 8'1" x 8'1" 3-4 Bedroom Home 1698 cu. ft. 8-10 MPG

How Does Budget Truck Rental Work?

If you’re ready to choose Budget for your moving truck rentals, follow these steps for renting a truck near you before seeking loading and unloading assistance from MovingLabor.com. From one-way moves to round-trip moves, here are the basic steps to create a reservation and secure a truck rental:

  1. Enter your pick-up location.
  2. Choose your pick-up date and time.
  3. Add a different drop-off location, if applicable.
  4. Select the vehicle you wish to rent.
  5. Calculate your mileage.
  6. Confirm the pick-up at your nearest location.

Finalize the reservation by entering your credit card information to secure a deposit. You’ll receive a full refund if you cancel the reservation up to 48 hours in advance of the reservation, but you may be required to pay a $75 fee for cancellations within 48 hours of the pick-up time.

How Does Budget Truck Work With Local Moves?

Local moving truck rentals are typically more affordable if you select a round-trip rental. This means picking up the Budget truck in one location, loading it at your old home, and unloading it at your new home before returning the truck to the same location. Local movers can help you plan a move up to 50 miles from your current location.

How Does Budget Truck Work With Long-Distance Moves?

Long-distance moves operate the same way. Simply enter the pick-up and drop-off locations separately and calculate the mileage to approve a long-distance move. Once you schedule your reservation, you’ll have unlimited miles for a one-way move. Consider the number of days required for your truck rental and plan ahead with long-distance moving help for any move of more than 50 miles.

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How Much Do Budget Truck Rental Cost?

Budget Truck Rental costs vary depending on a number of factors. While their prices are competitive with other top-name truck rental companies, you need to consider the length of the move, fuel, optional insurance, and any necessary equipment rentals.

For a local move, you’ll pay a daily rate and a mileage rate, typically around $0.47 per mile. This makes a local move of under 100 miles average about $27.60, which is far more affordable than most of the company’s competitors. Standard rates across the industry vary from $29.99 to $39.99 per day, with mileage rates between $0.39 and $1.99 per mile. The daily rate and mileage rates combined to make the total rental price for local moves between $80 and $150 a day.

The costs of a long-distance move are higher. Budget lines up more closely with the industry average with an average price of around $2,080 for moves over 100 miles.

Budget offers an easy online quote system to help you factor in the size of the truck you wish to rent and the specific mileage you need. You can also find discounts for renting a Budget Truck if you’re an AARP member, U.S. Military personnel, student, or qualifying first responder.

Find the Right Movers With MovingLabor.com

Renting a Budget Truck for your DIY move? Whether you're making a local move or heading across the country, turn to MovingLabor.com for help with loading and unloading your Budget Truck Rental. When you hire moving help on MovingLabor.com you can sit back and relax while the movers do the heavy lifting! Find out how MovingLabor.com works today to save money, and your back, on your next big move.

As a seasoned moving industry enthusiast with extensive knowledge in truck rentals and relocation services, I've closely followed the developments and trends within the sector. My expertise is grounded in both practical experience and a deep understanding of the various companies, their services, and customer experiences.

Now, delving into the provided article on Budget Truck Rental, let's break down the key concepts and provide additional insights:

  1. Budget Truck Rental Overview:

    • Budget Truck Rental is a well-regarded national chain owned by Avis Budget Group.
    • They offer a diverse fleet of trucks and shipping materials for both local and long-distance moves.
    • The company provides a mobile app for convenient reservation management, location review, and same-day pick-ups.
  2. Customer Reviews:

    • Generally positive customer reviews highlight affordable rates, clean trucks, transparent policies, and convenient app-based reservations.
    • Some complaints include limited truck size options and challenges in communicating with customer service agents, especially regarding maintenance issues.
  3. Pros and Cons of Budget Truck Rental:

    • Pros:

      • Convenient locations with over 1,600 locations across the United States.
      • Reliable trucks with a 10-point inspection and 24/7 roadside assistance.
      • App support for easy reservation management.
      • Discounts for various groups, including veterans, students, and AARP members.
      • Competitive rates for local and long-distance moves.
      • Unlimited mileage for one-way rentals.
    • Cons:

      • Limited truck sizes compared to some competitors.
      • No reservation guarantees, although overbooking issues are relatively rare.
      • Customer service quality can be a concern.
      • Fewer locations compared to some other moving companies.
  4. Budget Truck Sizes:

    • Cargo Van: Suitable for one-room or studio moves.
    • Small Truck (12-foot): Ideal for one- or two-room homes.
    • Medium Truck (16-foot): Suited for one-bedroom homes.
    • Large Truck (26-foot): Capable of handling five- to eight-room homes.
  5. How Budget Truck Rental Works:

    • The process involves entering pick-up details, selecting the vehicle, calculating mileage, and confirming the reservation with a deposit.
    • Refund policies vary, with a full refund available for cancellations made up to 48 hours in advance.
  6. Local and Long-Distance Moves:

    • For local moves, round-trip rentals are typically more cost-effective.
    • Long-distance moves involve separate pick-up and drop-off locations with unlimited mileage for one-way moves.
  7. Costs of Budget Truck Rental:

    • Costs vary based on factors such as the length of the move, fuel, optional insurance, and equipment rentals.
    • Local moves under 100 miles may average around $27.60, while long-distance moves can cost around $2,080 for distances over 100 miles.
    • Budget offers an online quote system and various discounts for specific groups.
  8. MovingLabor.com Partnership:

    • Budget Truck Rental users can seek loading and unloading assistance from MovingLabor.com.
    • The platform connects users with experienced moving labor, providing a convenient solution for the physical aspects of a DIY move.

In conclusion, Budget Truck Rental emerges as a competitive option with its extensive network, reliable vehicles, and user-friendly features, although potential customers should weigh the pros and cons based on their specific needs and preferences.

2022 Budget Truck Rental Review (2024)
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